Two years ago, I’ve been attending a conference where big companies were presenting their growth strategies and struggles. Two key notes I have taken, one put the customer first, engaging more with the customers and two – keep a constant focus on business grow.

I get bent by these two notes as well!

First idea that appeared in my mind was “chatbots” solution.

Immediately I start the hard work understanding what type of chatbots are available for business use and how can I build them. I tried by myself for about 6 months to create the first fully functional chatbot but I failed, I managed to create just few simple chatbots with almost no use.

I took many online books and courses, some good, other bad but finally I get a high-ticket course on chatbots that “turn on the lights” on my chatbot street. I was saved! After more than 1 year and many thousands of dollars spent, I get to the point where I dream on, to be able to build fully functional chatbots that can be directly used in any business area. To prove my knowledge, I got also a chatbot certification!

After seeing how powerful the chatbots are, I decided to help others to benefit from but my time was limited and I could not help as many people as I wanted to.  I’ve then created a world-class chatbot training with clear steps and a simple Done for You Chatbot service for Business use.

Now I’m fascinated by the chatbots, it is one key passion that I have. Helping people to grow their business and stay in touch as much as possible with their customers it is pure gold. It is awesome! In the end the business owners are freeing up more time helping more customers while keeping the focus to grow their profit.

Our mission: To help 10.000 businesses and experts from 101 countries, create world-class chatbots, build engagement with the customers, and grow their profit!

Our Vision: I believe that the chatbots and modern technologies should be used for making all people lives better, allowing more businesses to run quite autonomously, while freeing up more time for personal and family activities.

To your success!